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Great Results surprise most people at Alignment NYC they are expected. See what past clients have said about the results obtained through System Balancing.

When your spine is aligned and the systems are balanced the body heals. It’s that simple. Find a condition that is the same or similar to what you’re experiencing and see what past alignment clients have said.

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Neck Pain

Dr. Jason is that rare alternative medicine practitioner who is interested in his clients' recovery and development, rather than just making their backs feel better temporarily, until the next appointment. His treatments have relieved me of neck and upper back pain and educated me on how to stay pain free. He is very professional, with very little waiting, and accessible.

- Zach Klughuapt, Attorney

Back Pain

I came to Dr. Jason about 4 years ago with shoulder and back pain. I was beginning to lose feeling in my right arm and thought my condition would require some serious medical procedure. Dr. Jason's confidence inspired me to try his alignment chiropractic, and within weeks the pain was gone. I now rarely remember that I was in such pain. I have been a regular patient of his ever since, because keeping my spine properly aligned keeps the muscles in my back relaxed and stress-free. I highly recommend Dr. Jason to anyone that seeks a natural and safe way to alleviate serious back pain.

- Ronnit Bendavid-Val, Manager, NYC Department of Parks & Recreation


I have had a problem with my sciatic pain off and on for at least 5 years. It was at the point where I was basically resigned to having this shooting pain down the back of my left leg. Some days were worse than others but when it flared up, I could hardly walk – a pretty helpless feeling.

And I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about chiropractors and the extent in which they could treat my condition. But I was beyond pleased to find Dr. Jason. He’s a fantastic practitioner…he is deeply knowledgeable, positive, thoughtful, and I trust him completely. And I was surprised how quickly my sciatica began to improve…and how my thinking around the situation was changing as well...and how important that is. Today my leg feels great I am completely pain free and only had wished I had found Dr. Jason and his alignment approach sooner.

-Holly Mandel 38, Writer/Producer, MTV Networks

Herniated Discs

I was experiencing a tremendous amount of lower back pain and sometimes the pain would come down into my legs. I was miserable. When I found out that I had a herniated disc at L4-L5, I was afraid that surgery was my only option. A friend of mine strongly suggested that I see Dr. Jason. I was skeptical but after my first session I noticed an immediate improvement. As I continued care, the lower back muscles began to let go and I started feeling a greater amount of flexibility. Before long I was virtually pain free and I am still in amazement to this day at just how effective Dr. Jason and his alignment methodology works. His treatments are now a part of my health and fitness program. If you have disc problems of any kind, before getting surgery, you should see Dr. Jason.

-Kevin McCracken, President, Interior Transformation Painting and Contracting

Low Back & Pelvis Pain

Dr. Jason's treatment both, physical and educational has basically freed me from chronic lower back pain. When I came to him last year, I had difficulty walking and even standing upright for any length of time. The interval between treatments has been steadily reduced. Most importantly has been his ability to help me understand how to help myself through proper stretch exercises and simple breathing regimens that I have incorporated into my daily life. I have become more aware of my body's weak points and, therefore, focus the necessary attention to strengthening it at my pace. Today, I have regained significant flexibility and the lower back pain has basically disappeared.

-Mike Kellerman Age 68 Glen Head, NY

Relieving Stress from the Body

My purpose in seeking Dr Jason's professional services was to assist in relieving body tension, stress and even mental upset. His methodology is specific to the individual patient. Through Dr. Jason's caring treatment, I have been able to adjust my diabetes type 2 issues in a faster manner. System Balancing is more than just the physical adjustment; it is about the total body/spirit/mind realignment. Without reservation, I recommend Dr. Jason's excellent professional gifts.

- Stanley Zareff, Asst. Vice President of Internal Communications, CSFB

Digestive Imbalance

Even though there weren’t any obvious problems with my health, overall, I often did not feel 100%; my aches and pains became more frequent, as did digestive problems. In short time under Dr. Jason’s care plan I began to notice a definite improvement. The aches and pains that I had experienced subsided and my digestion balanced out.

Dr. Jason is a skilled practitioner who provides a high caliber of professional care. He is a consummate professional who handles his appointments promptly and efficiently. While he is treating you, you have his total and undivided attention. He listens attentively and patiently answers all questions.

I have referred at least four friends and co-workers to Dr. Jason and, without exception; each one has reported to me that they received the same caring and effective treatment from him that I had. I would recommend Dr. Jason to anyone seeking quality chiropractic care.

-James G. Buckley, Vice President, NYSE Market Surveillance

Lungs and Breathing

System Balancing works. I am amazed how my body healed itself over the five weeks of care, particularly my lungs. I have had problems with my lungs all my life, asthma as a child and severe episodes of bronchitis and pneumonia as an adult. Dr. Jason helped me understand that my Eliminative System was run down and suppressed and when balance is restored to that system my lungs will be functioning normally. Today I can breathe with ease and have had no signs of weakness in my lungs. Thank you Dr. Jason, you changed my life!

-Vikas Khanna, Celebrity Chef, Founder of New York Chefs Cooking for Life

Improved Overall Health

I have been seeing, Dr. Jason for more than six years. During this time he has not only been an excellent chiropractor, but he is a warm and comforting person. Dr. Jason takes the time to really get to know his patients and reviews all aspects of their health to get a complete picture. I still go regularly to get my systems balanced, not just for relief of stress in my neck or lower back, but for the overall sense of well being that I feel after nearly every visit. Quite simply he’s the best.

-Brian Fisher, Managing Partner, Templar Studios LLC

Migraine Headache Relief

After suffering from chronic migraines and trying various prescription meds without relief, I decided to go a more natural and sane route. My aunt recommended Dr Jason; she too suffered from migraines and told me he had worked wonders.

At first I was skeptical but after speaking to Dr. Jason, the concept of balancing specific systems through proper alignment really began to make sense. From the first adjustment I immediately began to feel better. After a period of a few months my migraines were gone. Now I go in to Dr. Jason whenever I am feeling a little under the weather or need a seasonal adjustment and the results are always consistent. I haven’t taken a migraine med since. The office is warm, inviting and pleasant to be in. Dr. Jason doesn’t only correct the immediate problem but offers you preventative health options that will elevate your overall level of health for the future. I would strongly recommend Dr. Jason to anyone suffering with migraines or in need of more balance in their life.

-Sarah Hecht

Anxiety and Nervousness

After September 11th, I resigned from my teaching job much to the dismay of my students and colleagues. All I wanted to do was stay at home and be near my family. I was extremely nervous and would not listen to any logic. My friend recommended Dr. Jason had done wonders for her health and well-being, despite being skeptical I decided to take her advice. I was so impressed by Dr. Jason’s manner and his integrity. Everything he explained about our six different systems made a lot of sense. I went to Dr. Jason twice a week and before long, I felt like a new person and was marveling at how naturally System Balancing worked. Today, my overall health is tops, I am back in school in Manhattan teaching and had the best year ever! I feel vibrant, happy, and grateful to Dr. Jason for sharing his wonderful gift of healing with me.

-Rosalie Capland, schoolteacher

Sinus and Allergies

Dr. Jason DiTullio is a wonderful chiropractor. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to not only correct neck and back pain but also alleviate stress built up in the body that can undermine our health. His System Balancing approach has kept my head/sinus area clear of the common allergy symptoms of heavy headed-ness and sinus pressure. He gives gentle adjustments and has the most positive and pleasant disposition of any doctor I've ever been to. Thank you Dr. Jason, your work is greatly appreciated.

-Lynn Girardi, Art Director, TheChristophers

Cold and Flu

Dr. Jason DiTullio is a caring, and compassionate healer. My family sees him for almost any condition ranging from acute lower back pain to an immediate cold or flu condition; his System Balancing treatments are invigorating and effective. I cannot recommend Dr. Jason DiTullio highly enough. He has our family chiropractor for over 5 years now and I have sent him many clients who have been very happy with the service he provides.

-Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski, Director, Chabad Upper East Side

Sports and Gym Injuries

Having shoulder pain is what originally sent me to Dr. Jason. I had been diagnosed with lifters shoulder”, which I could not get relief from, until I saw Dr. Jason. His system balancing approach gave me relief from my very first visit until my shoulder was fully healed. What keeps me interested in his therapy is the fact that through balancing systems in my body, I have found that I am in better overall health than before. I miss less days of work, have less body and mind stress which enables me to focus and be more productive at work. When I feel a cold coming on, I call for an appointment and get the appropriate system balanced, and have found that this preventative approach keeps my immune system strong and healthy.

-Kent Karosen, President, Karosen Strategic Partners LLC

Low Energy w/ Joint and Muscular Pain

After seeing Dr. Jason on a regular basis I began to feel better. I had more energy and my joints and muscles felt better. Today I feel great! I have been off my medications for sometime now and I haven’t had any problems. My health has improved both physically and mentally. I have a new outlook on life. Dr. Jason and chiropractic have definitely changed the way I live and feel. Thank you.

-Carmen Fuoco, College Student

Elbow Pain

"Dr. Jason is a skilled and gifted healthcare practitioner. I initially came to him for severe elbow pain, so much so that I could not shake a clients hand without experiencing a sharp pain in my elbow. During a basic course of treatments my elbow steadily healed and is now fully recovered. Since then, over the past six years, the treatments Dr. Jason performs have become a part of my wellness regimen, as much as working out at the gym or performing volunteer work. They are part of a balanced approach to maintaining good health.

-Angelo Mangia, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Funding Corp

Shoulder Pain

I would like to start off by thanking you very much for your personal concern and attention to my physical problem. Needless to say I have been feeling great, both physically and mentally since you have been attending to my needs.

I came to you with severe neck and shoulder pain and after not responding to the drug treatment my MD had prescribed, it became apparent that surgery was eminent. At the suggestion of my personal trainer, I contacted you. I am forever in his debt. I have never entertained using a chiropractor for my condition. You have certainly enlightened me. The time I have spent with you has been an education in alternative medicine. Your focus on balancing the six systems was a pleasant departure from my exposure to regular medical practices. I believe I am a healthier and better person because of your treatments.

-Alvin D. Mintz, CPA, Patrusky, Mintz & Semel

Children and Chiropractic Care

Dr. Jason is an awesome chiropractor. I've seen several chiropractors over the years and have some expertise in this area. Dr. Jason treats our entire family, including our eight year old daughter, who loves getting adjusted. He's helped me to balance my hormones, as well as helping me to keep my back and muscles in shape. He's helped my husband regain full neck movement, a recurring problem my husband suffered with before seeing Dr. Jason. He's helped my daughter get rid of a nasty cough and has kept her in tip top shape for her many dance recitals this past spring. I can't recommend Dr. Jason highly enough. He's kind, caring, doesn't make you wait, and is a true professional.

- Tami Coyne, Interfaith Minister

Dr. Jason DiTullio is a caring, and compassionate healer. My family sees him for almost any condition ranging from acute lower back pain to an immediate cold or flu condition; his System Balancing treatments are invigorating and effective. I cannot recommend Dr. Jason DiTullio highly enough. He has been our family chiropractor for over 5 years now and I have sent him many clients who have been very happy with the service he provides.

-Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski, Director, Chabad Upper East Side

Chiropractic adjustments have kept me healthy and active since I was a child. Now that I am a mother, my daughter and I both receive regular adjustments from Dr. Jason. She responds so well-sniffles and coughs clear up quickly after a treatment. Under Dr. Jason's care, she has never needed an antibiotic (she is four years old already!) and rarely misses school. Dr. Jason is helping my child develop healthy attitudes and habits that will last her a lifetime.

-Karen Weissman, Ph.D., co-author "The Spiritual Chicks Question Everything.