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Psychology of Health – Your Foundation for Sustainable Health and Performance.

Where does health begin? Most people would say by eating healthy foods, at the gym or on the yoga mat, but in reality it begins in the mind. Not as a passing thought or brief moment of inspiration but a clear conscious mindset that orients us towards health. This is why I’m excited to be sharing principles from a course that I’ve created entitled the Psychology of HealthYour Foundation for Sustainable Health and Performance.

Below are a series of short videos of some of the essential elements that can help you develop your own Psychology of Health. Enjoy!

1. Virtual Alignment Intro

2. Creating your Health Image

3. The Power of Intention

4. Paying Attention to Auto-suggestions and Suggestions

5. The Art and Science of Stillness

6. Conscious Choice

7. Personal or Universal?

You can also view these videos on the Alignment Youtube Channel.