Alignment Chiropractic NYC PLLC


Hello, and thanks for visiting Alignment. I have been in practice for over seventeen years, and I enjoy working with people of all ages. I am a firm believer that in order to point my clients towards health, I am responsible to consistently strive to be an exemplar of health myself. That means being physically fit, mentally sharp, and spiritually awake. Some of the things I enjoy most are working out (swim, spin, and weight training), practicing meditation, fine wine, and a good laugh.

My approach to helping my clients get well is simple—bring the spine and nervous system into alignment, and the body heals itself. There are three levels of alignment:

  1. Physical – how are you taking care of your body?
  2. Mental – how clear and free is your relationship to your mind, thoughts, and emotions?
  3. Spiritual – what is your deeper life’s purpose, and are you pursuing it?

I also offer Alignment seminars online to help my clients answer these questions for themselves. These seminars provide you with simple tools to empower and access a part of yourself that is always ready to heal, develop, and live an abundant life.

Thank you for visiting. I hope to meet you soon on your path to health and well being!